Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One word.


So yesterday my family and I decided to tackle Atlanta and hit up Ikea.
I consider Ikea to be the biggest playground for home decor enthusiasts on a budget.
That doesn't mean I didn't find enough stuff to hurt my wallet, though!!

Heading into downtown Atl.

One of my infamous [that's more than famous] partners in crime!

We also made a stop by Garden Ridge on the way home.

Here is the "all the cool stuff I got" picture.

From left to right-
Drawer flatware holders - Ikea
Plastic bag holder - Ikea
Pillows - Garden Ridge
Metal tray - Ikea
Rug - Ikea (last chance $3.99!)
6 pack of knobs - Ikea (last chance $0.99 a pack!)
Wooden bench - Ikea
Trash can - Ikea
Grilling glove - Garden Ridge (It was my peace offering for D so maybe he wouldn't think how much moolah I had spent!!)
Steak knives - Ikea
Over the cabinet towel bar - Garden ridge
Strainer - Ikea
Funnels - Ikea
Vases - Garden Ridge (both were red line 50% clearance!)

And then there is this guy...

One of the items I sought out at Ikea.

Here's a sneak peak.

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