Monday, October 14, 2013

F is for Fall...

It's also for Ferguson :)
I made this candy corn F door hanging today from a plain wood letter from Hobby Lobby.
I already had the paint and on hand, the letter itself was about $9, and the flower was 3 for $1.  $10 bucks ain't bad if I do say so myself!
When the season changes, I'll just break out the paint again and have a new theme for my letter.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Dollar Isle does it again!

I'm over due for some updates around here, so I'm just going to jump back in like it hasn't been over a year and a half since I've posted. 

While making a quick stop into Target the other day, those tricky retailers got me with the impulse section. The Dollar Isle had sucked me in! But how can you feel guilty for spending a buck?

Here are my "splurge" purchases.
That $5 spent was well worth it! It got me excited about fall and motivated to do some decorating.
So my hallway went from that, to this.

And I also got a little Pintresting project done.
I used some scraps left over from a project I was working on in Grady's room.
I did a quick coat of paint in orange that I had around the house and found a branch in the back yard to cut down and hot glue to the boards for stems.
I didn't like the orange by itself so I rubbed the edges with some brown paint.
Finishing touches with some ribbon and raffia.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dollar Isle Decor

So I went by Target tonight.
Who can't help but be sucked into the Dollar Isle, right?
I mean you can splurge without the heavy price tag!!

I left with these great Valentine's day scores, plus I cute teal tote not shown.

Time to get working in my V-Day day decor :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

cha... cha... changes!!

All this time off we've had during the holidays may very well drive my husband to lace my food with with ADHD medication. I keep jumping from one project to another and then back to the first one but changing my mind on how I want it done or if I want it done.

Like this Hutch.

Nothing would do but for me to have a hutch for our kitchen, so I purchased this one on Craig's List and planned on painting it. Well, the other day I decided to paint and sell it. But then once I started painting it I decided to keep it. See where D's frustration comes in?

This is a picture of the progress. The paint is actually a light blue (what other color would be in my house, right?)( which will tie in perfectly when I paint the kitchen), but it's so light it looks white in the picture. I'm really excited about this project because I got to use my new PAINT SPRAYER!! I received a sprayer for Christmas from my mother, and I love it!!

Well, on to bouncing back and forth between a couple more projects!! See ya!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here comes 2012...

I'm trying to get a one day head start on 2012. A couple of my New Year's resolutions focus on many things that have to do with my blog.

- Update posts for the blog way more often
-Add a "Tour The Jenngerbread House" tab


Wait for it....

-Redo and sell a piece of furniture

To aid in the resolution above, I'm planning on adding a "JH Designs - For Sale" tab.

What do you think?? Feed back, PLEASE!!

As far as getting the blog caught up to match our current house, I'm going to post a smorgasbord of photos and redos hopefully in the next week.

HAPPY 2012, y'all!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

J+A Shower

In my last post I mentioned about us having a shower at our house. It was for our good friends Jessie and Amanda who are getting married October 8th. The shower was a co ed cookout, and it turned out great!

What would a blog post of mine be without a little before and after? so here goes..



I was a little concerned about looking redneck chic, but everyone loved them!

More pictures from the cookout...

The cupcake cake.

The food side.

The dessert side.


Some of the gifts.

The wall around our patio.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Hall of Doom

That's how I felt about it anyway.

I don't think I have to remind any of you my distaste for peeling wallpaper, and this hallway had a ton a peelin' that needed doin'. Ughhh. My wallpaper distaste has grown so much I had tried to hire this job out. Me hire a home project out? Yes, it's that bad. Luckily my dad was ready to jump in and help me tackle the project so I could get it down and over with and the only expense was the paint. Oh and food. I feed my help.

SN: The done and over with is because we're hosting a shower this weekend and I'm freaking out about all of my unfinished projects and strangers seeing my house. ekkk!!
On with the pictures. Before and After-ish. You'll see what I mean.
This hallway used to be lined with clocks. I asked for the one at the end to stay. I had just put the picture there to see if the placement of and existing screw would work to hang it.
Sorry for the mess. We were in the process of moving some things out.

In the painstaking process.
My dad and Yogi working hard!

The color came out much darker than I thought it was going to be, but Dustyn and I like it after all.
The truest color shot I could get. It doesn't look hunter green in person.

Now my plan is to fill in around the one GIANT picture with all of my tons of small picture frames. Won't Dustyn be so proud if I use up all the picture frames??

The print was given to us by out photographer after he used it for his bridal booth for a few shows. It is so huge it had to be custom framed. Talk about $$$$ at 50% off at Hobby Lobby it was going to be over $200. Luckily a friend's dad had just started doing custom framing as a side job and he was able to do it muchhh cheaper. Didn't he do a beautiful job??

Once again not a great picture, but I love the way this clock looks against the color!!
Now for a side job. I didn't want to put curtains up for these little windows, so I decided to frost them.

All of the pictures were taken on my phone since the batteries in my camera were dead. Sorry for the quality. :)

BIG THANKS to my dad, Emily, and my husband on this project!!