Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My hands are so dirty!!

I need a sink or three to wash them!

Sike.. Who really needs three sinks in one bathroom?? Well, apparently the people who built the house Dustyn and I now call home.

I've been doing alot of playing around the house lately but nothing big. Until now.
I've been putting the hall bathroom project off because of wallpaper removing, painting, and convincing D to get his hand dirty with some home decor DIY the project would take. I was discussing all of this when my friend, Emily, said I should go for it. So I did it along with D, Emily, and Kasey's help. It's not all the way finished, but when is something like this where you never plan to tweak it?

Disclaimer: You are about to see tons of pictures!!


Ok, so you notice all the wallpaper? Emily and I had to take it allllll down. We used a wallpaper tool to perforate the paper for my 3/4 water and 1/4 liquid fabric softener solution to soak in.

Then came all of the pealing!


This is one of the unfinished parts. I plan to frame out the mirror like this.

I plan to paint these cabinets white and replace the nobs. Don't you love how Yogi makes sure he get some attention even if it is a bathroom post?

See where the third sink used to be? No more!!

Getting down to the details

  • Towel ring - TJMaxx
  • "Towels" hooks - Hobby Lobby
  • F - Hobby Lobby
  • Shower curtain and hooks - Target
  • "Husband proof" TP holder - Home Goods
  • Wall circles - Ikea place mats, painted white
  • Mirror - Cash Liquidators
  • Gerber Daiseys - BB&B
  • Vases - BB&B
  • Tree print - Michael's
  • Main paint color - Bhar's Warm Muffin
  • Stipe paint color - Bhar's Ultra White
  • Dog - Original - Petsmart adoption

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  1. HGTV! Staging! I like your after's.
    Kasey's mom - Lynn