Monday, January 2, 2012

cha... cha... changes!!

All this time off we've had during the holidays may very well drive my husband to lace my food with with ADHD medication. I keep jumping from one project to another and then back to the first one but changing my mind on how I want it done or if I want it done.

Like this Hutch.

Nothing would do but for me to have a hutch for our kitchen, so I purchased this one on Craig's List and planned on painting it. Well, the other day I decided to paint and sell it. But then once I started painting it I decided to keep it. See where D's frustration comes in?

This is a picture of the progress. The paint is actually a light blue (what other color would be in my house, right?)( which will tie in perfectly when I paint the kitchen), but it's so light it looks white in the picture. I'm really excited about this project because I got to use my new PAINT SPRAYER!! I received a sprayer for Christmas from my mother, and I love it!!

Well, on to bouncing back and forth between a couple more projects!! See ya!!

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